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Ever since my younger days I've been interested in photography. I worked a lot in the dark room and tried
most of the different techniques. Most work dealt with black and white, but I've also worked with the Cibachrome-technique
for color prints. Used to work with 35 mm cameras, but nowadays I prefer medium-format cameras.
I'm using Hasselblad and Mamiya camera systems but the digital technique has taken over a large portion of my photography.
For most work I normally use different digital cameras, a couple of Canon DSLR bodies with some of Canons
"white lenses" and a Canon Powershot Pro 1. Both systems have an incredible resolution and gives me images
with stunning quality, almost, but not really,  like using real film. I also use a couple of "pocket-size digitals,
they're always with me whatever I'm doing.
 I've worn out several other digitals already,
but have not really learned to accepted the digital image.

I know, it's incredible that you can save the image directly, mail it, print it, put it in home pages and save it in the PC,
but still they're not real images.

For motion pictures. I'm using DV-cameras and a Gopro 3d Black that shoots unbelievably nice film.
Really high resolution images and a software that really controls really hard light situations. Only disadvantage is the lack
of zooming possibilities, but the software can control 3 different angles of view.
 Really nice when working with the dogs or during fishing.

As I've always been in close contact with photography in my work, it has become natural for me to test new materials
and develop new techniques. Unfortunately there is not time enough for darkroom work today, but I really miss it.

I really do like images from the nature and emotional images, probably because nature is an important part of my existence.
I want images to show things like they are and not to change or distort the true appearances, and I don't really like some
of the modern techniques of which some I can't really see as photographical but computer-work.
ou'll find some of my images on my
gallery site. The images represents special memories for me, so I don't really expect that you all will find them interesting. Anyway, feel free to have a look.

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