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here you can find a photo-gallery with images of my dogs


Man's best friend is a dog is a proverb I won't deny. Here are some images of some of our labradors through the years, but we've also had other breeds as well. Unfortunately, images from all dogs are not available at the moment.
A dog for me is the labrador retriever, and I will probably have one or two padding around me as long as it's possible.


Number one of them all was Bessie, Gunhill's Berika. She was borne in march 1971, so it's been some years now since the first one. Bessie was a typical labrador, a lot of both style and speed.

Old Mallan, Khamse's Amalia, the faithful retriever of any old stick of wood, fishing companion, "she who always wanted to come along" is not with us any longer.
She was 12 when the image was taken, but still cooped with a full day in the woods in spite of age and ailments.
The border terrier Olga, breeder Kristina Norling, was Annika's favorite. She grew up with the first of all our labradors, and was still around when Amalia came into the family. The border is extremely tough in spite of the size, and works well as a companion to a labrador. 
The image was taken on her 16th birthday, and just a few days earlier she ran away in the woods, trying to scare the life out of a rabbit.
Being Annikas dog, she very often used to provoke me for taking her mistress away from her.

Kasper, Aspenhill Stormhatt, really took us by storm in the middle of a generation change between labradors. A Swedish Vallhund that kept us all, including a labrador puppy, under close control and never let anyone escape from the group.
Kasper was Annikas dog and grew very attached to her.
Unfortunately, they both passed away much too early.
Tina, SVCH Begin's You're Welcome, was borne in the end of march 1995. She's like a bullet outdoors, never getting tired of training or working, and feels at home both on land and in the water. Summer heat or winter snow, it doesn't really matter.
Indoors, however, she's very quiet and you don't notice her at all, and she really favors coming up in the sofa with me. 
She came to us after having been relocated by her breeder, slightly over 2 years old. In spite of a terrible time while growing up, she stabilized really fast and adapted really well to our family. Now she's very calm and shows no signs of her previous life.
Tina has good aptitude for tracking and we train scent trails a lot. She likes it a lot, and really turns on when I bring out the tracking gear for training or competition. 
All hours of training have given good results, as she has been very successful when competing.
She's now Swedish Tracking Champion with excellent merits.

No one can look as proud as a retriever carrying the elk clove after a successful tracking test.

Tina is now accompanied by SUuCH NUCh SVCh Pepsi, Tjotte's Second To None, 
Pepsi has adapted well into our family and they both really get along well. 

Tracking training has worked out great, and she's now Swedish tracking champion
She's also won many merits in the show-ring, and it really proves that a labrador can have both " body and beauty". Pepsi also likes to carry things, so there will hopefully be a lot of training for field trials next summer.


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