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For me, the term fishing includes a whole lot of different activities, like fly-tying, rod-building, testing different combinations of rods and lines and training casting techniques. All of them are as essential as being out at the water actually fishing. 
To take a break from the water and sit beside the fire and tell some lies while the coffee is heating up is also a way of fishing.

Fly fishing is a wonderful way to relax and to enjoy the nature, especially during the summer. The advantage of being able to just get away to some water is invaluable. On the other hand, I don't really like ice-fishing during the winter. My winter-fishing is for example fly-tying or building some new rods. 

Although I don't feel any demand to succeed every time I'm out, it would be a lie to deny that a decent catch really boosts your  confidence and makes you rather proud of yourself. Cooking a good dinner out of it makes a perfect day. 

My fly fishing really turned into another dimension when I started to use a floating tube. The ability to get out on the water without having to bring a boat opens the door to a lot of waters that would have been impossible to fish from land. It's also a good way of getting close to the wildlife, as neither birds nor animals seems to be frightened when you glide around. 

I train a lot of different casting techniques, from distance and precision with single-handed rods to traditional spey-casting with double-handed rods. I'm not only doing it in out in the water, but also on land, which sometimes brings out some peculiar comments from spectators. 

One of my idols is Hugh Falkus, the master of traditional spey-casting. A man with enormous personality and huge amounts of knowledge and experience from all kinds of fly fishing. I just whish I could handle my two-handed rods with the same elegance as he did.
Hugh is not with us any longer, but I keep his memory alive by reading all his books and watch all of his videos. Unfortunately I never met him personally, it would probably have been an unforgettable memory.

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